Philosophy Gym Wall Ball



  • Durable design: Created for heavy-duty, intense workouts and made to last through countless sessions. The high-density construction with a weighted iron sand core helps create a firm, balanced ball that can handle just about anything, without losing its structure. Our Wall Ball has a standard diameter of 12.75” to provide a consistent feel across all weights.
  • Textured surface for excellent grip: Balance, focus, and strength are the aim with a wall ball, and our ball features a comfortable non-slip exterior. It features an outer finish in textured synthetic leather, with a grippy surface. Also features heavy-duty double stitched seams, crisscross tie laces, and finger loop.
  • Versatile fitness tool: As a highly versatile exercise prop, there are countless ways to use a wall ball in your workouts. Whether for group classes, core workouts, strength training, or for an added challenge to your cardio routine, a wall ball offers a phenomenal addition to your fitness.
  • Target sticker included: Make sure every hit and every throw of your wall ball is on point with the included target wall sticker. It can be stuck onto almost any wall, and it removes easily without harming the wall behind it.
  • Great for Training: A wall ball is a must for intense, full-body workouts that challenge you physically and mentally. If you want to improve coordination, strength, balance, and core stability, a wall ball is a great way to get there. It is available in the following sizes: 6LB, 8LB, 10LB, 12LB, 15LB, 18LB, 20LB, or 30LB.


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