Katie's Transformational Journey

Starting August 14th, follow along in real-time with PVS community member Katie as she plans to “reach new heights” within her wellness.

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Episode 1

Intro to Vitality

In this first video, we meet Katie Emerson, who is just starting her transformational journey with PVS as she prepares for a few upcoming competitions and top-of-the-world exhibitions….literally.

Katie introduces and walks us through her first 4 phases of stage one:

  • Preparation
  • Consultation
  • Assessment¬†
  • Programming¬†

As well as gives us a background of where she currently is with her wellness.

Episode 2

Having a Wellness Program

Now completing phases 1-4, Katie begins phase 5: coaching. We hear from her Vitiatly Consultant, Yaw, on how he built her program and get a glimpse into her coaching sessions.

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