Top 3 Steps To Apply A Recovery Program

Yaw talks about the 3 main substrates that make up our recovery pillar. First, you must assess the individual to diagnose the source of their ailment, imbalance, or injury and this is done through our proprietary restorative human movement (RHM) test.

Secondly, you then find a recovery prognosis that is appropriate for the individuals true physical recovery, which I state is our bespoke recovery method called the RHM program. Lastly, I talk about the hardest substrate for success to apply and that’s having the discipline to do the program to effectively heal and maintain complete recovery.

Nick and Dre talk about their own personal recovery pillar they are currently implementing and touch on the topic of how they would advise individuals to start their journey on the road to recovery. As always, we are given the choice to either heal or destroy our bodies’ true vitality…please choose wisely!!!

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