The 3 Steps to Master Your Nutrition

The secret to mastering your nutrition…is to “Eat Right For Your Body type.” We discuss how the concept of basing your daily nutrition on 3 substrates for success is what we call sports nutrition simplified. We explain our processes of using a nutritional awareness assessment to first identify your level of readiness to optimize your body’s true vitality.

Nick, Andre, and I share how our personal experiences helped us target those 3 steps to mastering your nutrition. First, you must identify your body type to match your nutrition based on your body’s true needs. Secondly, feed your body on a cellular level to ensure you’re absorbing nutrients to help prevent chronic inflammation. Lastly, we talk about how nutrition should maximize your performance and aid in your recovery from your training program.

This approach is outcome-based and starts with being honest about whether nutrition helps your body thrive or merely survive.

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