How To Stay Disciplined During Stressful Situations

This week’s video discusses how a disciplined mindset can allow you to thrive in stressful situations. Nicholas explains the correlation between a great mindset and an increase in productivity. Andre discussed the important topic of a mindset that is never satisfied with settling for less.

Throughout our conversation on the disciplined mindset, I explain our 5-pillar system V.T.S. and how it should be applied if your mindset is struggling to adapt to any high stressful situations. Meaning you should focus on the other four pillars in the vitality training system to aid you in adapting to high stress. We also take a deeper dive into mental nutrition and how you should always focus on feeding your mind with constant self-accountability.

If you have trouble with that task, you should reach out to a professional who can create and manage an accountability program. Lastly, the team talks about our own incredibly stressful personal experiences that elevated our mental discipline. We closed the conversation on how self-sovereignty is ultimately the key to achieving a very disciplined mindset to thrive in any stressful situation.

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