Why Are Carbohydrates Demonized In The Fitness Industry?

(00:20) Carbs or no carbs? For the general population? For the elite athlete? (Y)

(00:45) Starchy carbs — what they are used for and how that changes through your fitness journey (N)

(02:20) The battle of not being able to identify the difference between carbohydrates (A)

(03:28) All carbohydrates are not created equally there are no good or bad carbs and why including the mention of carb-free diets (Y)

(05:30) Why are carbs so demonized and how would you help raise awareness of carbohydrates? (all)

(06:30) Don’t have sugar…(N)

(07:55) Call to action on following up for more information on gut health (Y) (08:10) What are the 3 carbohydrates staples? (A)

(09:55) The 3 substrates to our nutritional formula include a CTA for Eat Right for Your Body Type (Y)

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