Unlock Your Body’s True Potential with Sleep

Join us as we dive into this conversation on conventional and unconventional ways on how to optimize our sleep hygiene. We start off with the question of why we need sleep to optimize our body’s true vitality.

Nick starts the convo on how sleep helps him to be multi-dimensional in the execution of tasks that take a high bandwidth to maintain high performance every day. Dre then uses an analogy that sleep is our body’s natural way to recharge our batteries and meanwhile I expand on how recharging proper sleep hygiene is one of our 5 interdependent components for vitality.

Dre and I dive deep into how we use in the field client testing, assessing, and program application of VTS to prove to our clients that sleep is crucial for true transformation. Nick explains why he believes people don’t pay attention to sleep… he states that because it’s so simple, people don’t view sleep as a priority.

Lastly, this leads Nick to ask his ceremonial episode question… on how we personally perform with poor sleep. As usual, we go around the table and state our call to action to the community on how to prepare themselves to unlock their bodies’ true potential with sleep. Remember as always, we’re given the responsibility and the choice to heal or destroy our bodies’ true vitality please choose wisely!!!

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