Truth of the Fitness industry

Is the fitness industry in a state of emergency? This week we start off our conversation by evaluating the perception of the fitness industry and why the consumer expectations are lowered due to the lack of true transformational experience during their wellness journey.

This is due to the one-size-fits-all approach that perpetuates incomplete solutions through social media and big box gyms. Dre starts off the conversation by expanding on this take and on the incomplete process that incoming fitness trainers are emerging into.

Dre explains that these new trainers should be taught to practice what they preach and create, then execute, their own training programing before coaching their clients to do the same. Nicholas then asks the question of why we think the fitness industry is in a state of emergency and what it is that we can do to change perception and behavior. I then talk about what mentorship and programming education consists of and what the fitness industry needs are which is our primary focus via the vitality handbook content and Peak Vitality Solutions mission.

Lastly, we expand on how routines are one of the main ways to ensure that we express true freedom and truth in the fitness, wellness and now vitality industries to optimize true transformational experiences. Remember whatever your thoughts about exercise are, you should always consult a professional to help assess, create, deliver and manage an individualized program that is made for you!!!

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