Top Ways to Make Sports Nutrition Simple

00:52 What is sports nutrition?
01:25 Explore sports nutrition for energy management and body composition.
02:10 What happens when someone believes that sports nutrition doesn’t apply to them?
02:30 The types of athletes
04:05 Three pillars of success with nutrition
04:41 Three categories of nutrition goals
05:45 Find out what your goal is before starting a nutrition program.
08:10 The importance of macronutrients including carbohydrates, protein, and fats.
10:50 Sports nutrition and high performance
12:00 AB expanding on nutrition program that helped him break a NYS powerlifting record.
15:40 Understand the nutritional formula before developing or choosing a nutrition program.
18:00 Sharing current supplement stacks
23:30 The difference between essential and non essential supplements
25:50 Rapid fire segment including individualizing nutrition and understanding the difference between foundational habits and specialized habits and cutting out certain foods that don’t help you reach your goals.
28:30 The 7 most foundational nutritional steps.
30:10 When are you ready for a “cheat meals”?
31:10 Wind down segment including the importance of figuring out your portion control, managing your protein intake, and eating right for your body type.

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