The Best Way To Prepare For Exercise

Having preparation is the precursor to the execution of any plan, and we know the if we fail to plan, we plan to fail. In this week’s video, we dive deep into applying mental preparation to our daily routine, which will maximize our training plan. Nicholas, Andre, and I highlight our own personal mental preparation routine that we use daily to have high energy throughout the day. We highlight how this process allows us to adapt to life’s unforeseen stressors and, of course, helps us fight through the days that we have low motivation to exercise. Remember, mental preparation is the first step to master your mindset, which is the first pillar for optimizing your Peak Vitality. We end our conversation with true secrets to finding the best way to prepare yourself for exercise. The first step has mental awareness and your purpose of why you are exercising. The second step is to believe in your preparation and your training plan. The last step is to apply daily mental discipline to conquer whatever your training day brings!!!

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