Maximize your Body’s Recovery by Applying a Routine

We start this week’s conversation off on how to maximize your body’s recovery through applying a routine for recovery. Nick starts off by giving examples of how his new speed, agility, and quickness programming demands a more complete approach due to the increased intensity. Andre and I then go on to explain the experience of cooling down and warming up and how that plays a role in your body’s ability to adapt and recover from training.

Andre starts off with showing the differences between recovery demands with boxing vs. powerlifting. I then go into a brief explanation on the importance of nutrition and supplementations and how that can have an important impact on physical recovery.

Ultimately the conversation leads to us explaining the importance of assessing your lifestyle demands and applying a program based on your needs analysis of those demands. Lastly, we go into how to enhance the recovery pillar through the development of a physical recovery routine. It is always important to maximize your body’s ability to recover from stress…whether it’s a mental routine for recovery, a sleep routine for recovery, a nutrition routine for recovery or an exercise routine for recovery. As always, we end the episode with a message for the community…its important to apply a simple routine that will help you stay consistent on maximizing their bodies recovery.

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