Is Sleep Necessary?

(00:30) What’s the connection between sleep and feeling good?

(00:35) Experiences with Oura Ring

(01:30) REM and cookies

(03:30) Life-threatening risk of sleep deprivation

(04:45) Simplified perspective on sleep and its effects on recovery

(06:00) If you have a strong mind but no sleep, then can you truly have a strong mind?

(06:45) What actions and steps do you take that prepare you for optimal sleep?

(09:20) The risk of not hearing your alarm*

(10:50) How do you help people transition when there is too much risk on the line when trying new sleep habits

(12:00) The benefits of waking up relatively naturally and setting up an experiment to note the effects on REM sleep with aura

(13:30) What do you do when there is no perfect situation for sleep

(15:00) The culture of sleep deprivation and its impact on sleep habits.

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