How to Stay Healthy for the Holidays With Nutrition

This week during our season 2 finale, we had a conversation on how to stay healthy for the holidays. Once again, we started the conversation off by introducing our corporate partner prima kitchen, who helped us to create personalized custom-designed in-studio kitchen. I started our conversation with common perceived obstacles that the general population would run into during the holidays that might stop them from increasing or just maintaining their health during the holiday season.

The conversation for this week was centered around how poor nutritional planning for the holidays are affected by several factors: family, culture, tradition, and a spectrum of emotions. Nick, Dre, and I elaborated on how we use our expertise, education and experience to uplift the community in order maintain health with during the holidays.

Lastly Nick explained how adding a healthy twist on tradition family foods are a great place start and Dre of course added a gem to always eat healthy during the day to make better decision at night when it comes to that big family meal. Like always I ended the episode with the most important tool to stay healthy for the holidays…and that is to have daily routine to prepare yourself for a truly happy healthy holiday.

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