How To Improve Your Sleep Quality

In our last sleep episode 2, we highlighted why we believe sleep preparation is the most vital tool to improve sleep hygiene. In this week’s sleep episode 3, we expanded our conversation on preparing our sleep environment to ensure high sleep quality. Most importantly, we played out our personal sleep routine, which we deem as sleep protocol.

Nick and Dre both highlighted the importance of nutrition and supplementation to improve sleep quality, and I explained the importance of eliminating foods that will cause inflammation that will lead to interrupted sleep.

Lastly, we gave examples of improving your sleep quality, that is, to retrain your sleep patterns with three simple steps for sleep success.
1) Sleep assessment quality
2) Sleep environment
3) Sleep program guidelines

In doing so, you will create an action plan that will hold you accountable to stay as disciplined as possible and give you the best chance for a great night’s sleep.

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