How to Exercise for the Best Results

First off let me state that exercise is synonymous with any movement that helps you grow stronger as an individual, prevents potential injury, improves your mindset, increases your quality of sleep, improves the efficiency of how your body metabolizes food all of which in turn helps optimize your bodies true vitality. We take a deeper dive into why we exercise, on how exercise is a tool that may help you recover and/or prevent chronic issues that can lead to surgeries in the future due to lack of movement. Our panel discusses the importance of exercise as a pillar in helping you achieve a truly transformational experience as a vital human being. Remember it is important to have a clear goal of what you want from any form of exercise you choose, whether its muscle building to look better, calisthenics (bodyweight exercise) to take ownership of the body, cross fit (athletic cross-training) to increase their bodies performance level. Lastly, we make a distinction between popular workouts that we see on social media and the most effective way to exercise to gain the results you truly want!

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