Does Everything Boil Down to Mindset? Are There Simple Solutions to Improve Mindset?

(00:20) Everything starts from mindset. (Y)

(01:15) How I speed up the learning process and compounding information (N)

(03:15) What would you ask a sports psychologist? (N)

(04:15) Not many have the mind to aim for societal change, how that aim can corrupt, and how to create an environment for protection (N)

(06:20) How to use mindset to heal versus how to use mindset to thrive. (N)

(07:50) When was information hidden in books? (Y)

(08:00) Invest in knowing yourself. (Y)

(10:00) The revelation of skills needed since the beginning of civilization to get out of survival mode. (N)

(11:50) Learn how to critically think (Y)

(12:40) Going through the back door (A)

(14:30) Mental nutrition.

(15:25) The good and bad side of identifying with certain terminology (A)

(16:30) Instant gratification versus delayed gratification (A)

(18:30) There are certain movements that are one size fits all and the delayed gratification needed to realize these. (A)

(19:30) Do you want to build something to last a short or long time? (Y)

(22:15) Beginning to understanding the framing of mental training developed by Dr. Daya Grant (N)

(24:50) Mindset, as an area, is still largely undiscovered and the discovery process. (N)

(25:35) How to get your team all-weather ready. (A)

(27:40) The levels of creativity and the levels of connection to conscious, subconscious, and unconscious thinking. Are the brain and mind different? (Y)

(31:40) Maturation should resolve the urge for instant gratification over delayed gratification. (A)

(33:30) Voodoo. 😂 (team)

(35:00) Assessing situations and then applying filter of delayed gratification. (A)

(36:45) Listen to lyrical exercise and draw comparisons to mental exercise (N)

(37:40) Create a chart of rich mindset and poor mindset chart. (A)

(39:00) Know yourself (Y)

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