Do You Think Exercise Is At The Bottom Of The Totem Pole?

(00:56) When was the first time you made a dollar training and when was the first time you worked out? (All)

(02:35) When I started off lifting I thought it would make me slower until I got to college… (Y)

(05:00) Is it impossible to progress self-training through a full client schedule? (Y)

(07:40) Does a 1-hour client training session equal 3 9-5 corporate office hours? (A)

(09:00) When I started training and the deal I made to myself…(A)

(11:00) Why I was never satisfied with my first dollar in the personal training game…(A)

(12:40) How to not fall off when your personal training schedule gets packed (A)

(13:26) Make the time to work for yourself and “guerrilla marketing” (A)

(15:00) Why you need to put yourself out there to showcase your skills…(Y)

(16:00) How a trainer should experiment…(A)

(17:20) Become a master of exercise (Y)

(18:00) Workout partners and motivational coaches (All)

(19:00) When you can’t call yourself a trainer (Y)

(20:45) Can your warm-up be confused with training? (Y)

(23:00) Just move and find your flow…(A)

(24:40) What’s the difference between looking at exercise as an activity versus looking at exercise as a skill? Expectations…(All)

(26:25) In order to transform you need to program and what happens when you come in with no organization, expectations, or goals (Y)

(26:49) How going through the motions doesn’t compare against setting an intention (A)

(28:14) You can come in and sweat but have no direction or goal and the difference when we say sweat (conditioning)… (A)

(29:30) You have to be able to fight for fitness (Y)

(30:40) Mental approaches to exercise and want to do it or not…ask what can you do versus what can’t you do…(N)

(32:32) First training program at Northwoods Elementary Jacksonville North Carolina and is the last kid…(N)

(36:15) I measured opportunity before I measured money (N)

(37:21) When I learned the personal training industry was worth $8.9B…(N)

(38:20) When I learned the numbers I couldn’t imagine how I would get someone to pay me that amount…I got there (A)

(40:00) Breaking through the door (A)

(40:13) The opportunity within the personal training industry and CTA from Yaw (all)

(42:30) Identify the positions of all your wellness pieces and players for how they are helping you (N) (43:04) Do things you love…(Y)

(43:34) Be open to movements and don’t forget the roots of your training (A)

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