Developing Results in Wellness by Optimizing Your Sleep

This week Nick starts off with centering conversations around how we can develop results in wellness by optimizing sleep hygiene. He then poses a challenge to the wellness community to join in on the conversation about whether sleep either helps to speed up or slow down their own wellness goals? Andre goes into how coaches should develop a keen eye to observe when clients have a lack of sleep…then I follow that up with how to appropriately have the conversation with clients to inform them that sleep programming is just as important as the other four pillars for optimized Vitality.

Nick then expands the conversation to focus on how you can be more efficient with your waking hours to stay disciplined with getting an appropriate amount of sleep every day. As always Dre hits us off with a gem in stating that sleep is your superpower and Nick implies that it can also be your kryptonite if we don’t approach the sleep pillar with the same intent as the other 4 pillars.

Lastly, we all expand on how developing a routine will give you an advantage to maximizing your sleep hygiene, meaning you should at the least have a plan or routine that will prepare you for a great night’s sleep. I then end the conversation with our 3 substrates for sleep hygiene success. Firstly you must assess your sleep, for example sleep wearable to track patterns for good, bad or great sleep quality. Secondly, prepare your sleep environment to the best of your ability. Thirdly, create a routine action plan that you can consistently and successfully repeat to give you the best chance for a great night’s sleep and truly develop results in wellness by optimizing your sleep!!!

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