Developing Results In Wellness By Optimizing Mindset

Is today’s society in a position to gain true results in wellness from optimizing its mindset? This week’s conversation was centered around the mindset pillar and how society can maximize their wellness results through the application of emotional intelligence and positive subconscious programming.

Andre starts his conversation this week by pointing out the purpose of emotional intelligence and how it should be used to develop skills that teach you…not to react with emotions, but rather to use patience as your power to manage emotions.

Ultimately, we all gave examples of how society can use mindset programming to help assess, create, deliver and manage their individual wellness journey. Nick gives an example of self-regulation by way of researching your past traumas or family history and how that can elicit a positive behavior change.

Andre doubles down on the fact that there is no such thing as overnight results and that the practice of patience is power.

Lastly, I end our conversation by adding to Andres’ statement that you must have patience in order to trust the process. Therefore making it necessary to strive for daily progression in order to be better than you were yesterday. I believe that today’s society is in the perfect position to gain results from optimizing their mindset as long as we strive to thrive and not merely survive!!!

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