Create Generational Health with Sleep

In this week’s episode, we discussed the importance of developing the mindset of someone who has a competitive edge that will optimize their vitality and help create Generational Health. So much is said about generational wealth, but we quickly draw a parallel of the same importance to also create generational health, and then we asked the question of how one builds generational health especially if you’re the first in your family to do so. We all address some of the perceived obstacles that a person would likely have in creating this health for generations to come, which could be food deserts lack of access to good nutrition, or not being able to carve out time due to being in survival mode due to providing for your entire family. We all concluded that once your lifestyle is in the thriving mode it would then take all 5 pillars to optimize your own personal sovereignty for wellness. I then explain that the formula for success to lead your family is based on self-help first, then helping the nucleus family, then extended family, and finally building your own small community of wellness. Lastly, we have to create a system of continued wellness education that we can partner with a professional in order to develop a mindset with a competitive edge that will optimize our family’s vitality and help create generational health.

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