Create Generational Health With Recovery

01:30; NLJ) response to YOJ introduce the theme Identifying opportunities or the what ifs if people had access to wellness empowerment in the physical recovery form. The culture of physical recovery is “take this pill” What will it take to rewire the thinking of physical recovery culture in all populations?

(03:30; YOJ) saying it will take the current generation to advance the upcoming generations and mentions the ways to address it.

(05:15; AB) Addresses how he addresses physical recovery in his clients and adapts programming based on stress.

(08:01; NLJ) Assessments are boring and mismatched with the culture so do they matter and what should you do on the most basic level?

(09:35; YOJ) Asking the panel what assessments have worked really well for their clients?

(10:29; NLJ) The spark in an individual’s eye when they become pain-free. The power of taking someone out of pain through movement should be experienced.

(12:15 AB) Using assessments to create levels and steps. (

14:30 YOJ) Being aware of where the source of the pain is coming from as well as getting the mind aligned with the ability to heal.

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