Create Generational Health with Exercise

(00:50) Use the tools you have in any given situation more proactively to help exercise. (N)

(01:10) Make sure you use your phone to watch this channel (A) (

03:35) What’s the 1-second switch in deciding to build a habit of exercise? (N)

(03:47) How the mindset affects exercise habits. Is it a privilege or a problem? (Y)

(05:55) How an obsession with results can affect exercise habits and knowing how hard progress is to gain and how easy progress is to lose (A)

(06:20) Thoughts if the individual has never gained progress before and the keep trying mindset towards “something you can’t really achieve” (A)

(07:25) What’s it called when you are trying to achieve something you know you may not be able to achieve? (all)

(08:10) Do you think champions, Noah Lyles mindset have the same focus of trying for something that may not be accomplished? (all)

(10:05) Can you give an audience a sneak peek at what the audience can expect on pillar talk for next season? (Y)

(10:50) What to expect in next season and the real-life examples (N)

(11:40) Keep trying to achieve something that’s nearly impossible (A)

(12:30) Vitality Bar by Yaw Owusu Jr. (Y) and credits to BG

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