Can S*x Help You Fall Asleep? Is It Worth Buying An Oura Ring?

(00:30) Humor on tools for sleep optimization? (A)

(02:40) Shoutout to the people trying to raise awareness of wellness, for example, the OURA ring and how small changes can make an impact. It’s our job to share our exploration along the five pillars. (N)

(04:10) How to program with trackers, like sleep trackers, and the use and evolution of biometrics and their relationship with habits and behaviors. In short, how do your behaviors measure up? (N)

(06:45) The wedding band is a different type of sleep tracker and other assessment tools (all)

(07:33) How does sleep currently help the recovery of the foot and in any active endeavors and how sleep journaling can be productive towards sleep hygiene (A)

(12:00) Personal sleep routine (Y)

(13:00) Sleep gems for the audience, both coaches and the general population, and the importance of being a role model and leading by example for the pillar of sleep. Personal experience and call to action for the audience to comment on sleep deprivation experience. “My mind playing tricks on me” — be honest with yourself. (N)

(18:00) Avoid the mindless scrolling addiction (A)

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