Can Nutrition Change Your Life?

(00:40) How nutrition changed my life

(02:00) Creating an opportunity to provide nutrition programming beyond the 60-min exercise coaching sessions

(05:55) What about people paying for your advice but not holding themselves accountable for it?

(09:30) Wellness Management

(10:40) What to do when a person learns they don’t want to transform their body with nutrition.

(11:55) Let’s change the culture by making others pay for your advice since people value what they pay for.

(13:35) Establishing boundaries and experimenting with management models to find the best way to provide value to clients through nutrition programs.

(15:00) Disclaimer: Certified nutrition coaches cannot provide Medical Nutritional Therapy (MNT)

(15:40) Additional Disclaimer: Block out the noise (Celery Juice Fast 21-Day Wedding Cleanse and who’s selling them)

(18:00) What to do when people come in with weight loss goals who don’t want to work on nutrition.

(21:25) The Stubborn Client Role

(23:20) Why do people struggle with training in the gym and not getting results.

(24:40) Getting the reps in and how to offer free sessions to leave an everlasting impact on the individual during the come-up.

(26:30) How would someone start monetizing nutrition programming.

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