Can Mental Health be Optimized w/ Mental Nutrition?

This week we had a conversation around the mindset pillar and our topic was centered around the question… could we optimize mental health with positive mental nutrition. I highlighted the difference between conscious and subconscious behavior and how it can shape your vitality.

Andre highlighted the negative subconscious environment that programs a lot of “minority communities” and explains that the importance of positive role models and self-determination reset positive conscious behaviors. Ultimately, I concluded that positive exposure would help shape their mindset to strive to be the best version of themselves. This exposure will be the anchor of feeding yourself a steady dose of mental nutrition. Nicholas wraps up the conversation with a question on how Andre and I stay motivated and break the negative subconscious loops. Both of our answers brought us to the most important statement of this conversation which is why we believe selfishness is necessary for greatness!!!

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