A Conversation on Sport Nutrition for High Performing Results

This week we had our first nutritional pillar conversation on the topic of sports nutrition simplified, we started the conversation off by introducing our corporate partner prima kitchen, they help create a custom-designed in-studio kitchen.

I kick off our conversation with a brief overview of our 3-step method for creating individualized nutritional solutions called the nutritional formula. This formula assesses three main categories for success:
1. Identify your current body type to base your nutritional template on
2. Identifying how efficient your gut health is to base your nutritional template on
3. Identify what your daily performance and recovery demands are to base your nutritional template on.

Nick then asked what Dre and I would sacrifice to stay disciplined and reach our nutritional goals. Dre drain expand on why supplements are recommended for optimal nutritional goals and backed his theory by reiterating the fact that reaching your goals should never be seen as a sacrifice but only as a personal responsibility.

Lastly, I bring up the topic of how we coach our clients through our nutritional method… eat right for your body type: this theory is based on scientific facts that everyone has a unique nutritional algorthm to optimize their true vitality. Nick and I expanded the conversation by sharing our personal experience on achieving very little body fat and how it affects our sexual performance.

As always we end the conversation off with a community call to action…to thrive and not merely survive by taking the first step by assessing yourself or reaching out to an appropriate professional to see exactly how you can start eating right for your body type and make your sports nutrition simplified.

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