A Conversation About Experiences Sharpening Our Mindset

(00:25) Framing the mission of the podcast and sharing personal experience with the Mindset pillar including experience with sports psychology and the reference between stretching the mind (therapy) and training the mind (sports psychology) (N)

(03:10) Experience in developing mental toughness and reference to the book the Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck by Mark Manson (A)

(04:46) Experience with “not giving a f$&!” sharpening mind state in order to sharpen your mindset (Y)

(07:00) Being an ambassador of the values and pillars of this podcast as well as questions how “not caring” about certain things can backfire and whether everything boils down to money and power (N)

(08:20) How healthy skepticism can lead to performance-oriented thinking across all pillars (Y)

(10:27) How does the money and power pursuit mindset affect the individuals’ attitudes? (A)

(11:14) Why is it only “money, power, and respect” and not “Vitality”? (all)

(12:30) Call to action to the audience.

(13:07) Questioning if people will follow your lead if you genuine or authentic (all)

(14:10) What does real leadership matter when it comes to the pursuit of success and rejection of the attitude that money is everything referencing Kendrick Lamar’s new album “being ugly inside” (Y)

(15:40) In this era, what’s the smoke, polished, or photoshopped approach to mindset content in the attempt to make mindset content viral? (all)

(17:58) Why do you need to start practicing being able to tell the difference between what’s human and AI? (A)

(18:58) Call to action to the audience (Y)

(20:14) Call to action for comments, how are you keeping track of your mindset? (N)

(20:51) Remember, people, will do anything for the love of money. (A)

(21:38) The difference between a product to sell and a purpose (Y)

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