Recovery Tier 3 Program

First things first, WELCOME to the PVS community! 

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Step 1

You now have access to the complete RHM video library, which you can access anytime through your courses here.

This is not your program, but our complete library of RHM videos if there are pillars you would like to complete outside of your program.

Check out the course and get familiar with the interface so you are ready to dive in once you receive your program.

Step 2

Next, lets get you your personalized program! Use the button below to complete our awareness questionnaire. This questionnaire will be submitted to our team of wellness consultants, who will then create your program based on the results. No AI bots here…. our team are certified wellness professionals with the goal of PEAK VITALITY for every member of the PVS community.

Our programs are personalized to you and your goals, and we want to ensure our team has the time to create one that will provide RESULTS! You can expect a follow-up with your recommended recovery program within 5-6 business days via email and displayed on your Vitality Portal.

Step 3


Our RHM assessment is designed as a way to track your movement progress. We recommend doing the assessment at the start and end of each program to ensure you are progressing towards your goals. 

Expect around 1 hour to complete this step.

Step 4

Gear up!

Through your RHM program, there will be recommended equipment to use, such as a fitness strap, sports ball, and foam roller. Click the button below to get your recommended RHM equipment pack if you need any items.

Step 5

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